Monday, April 26, 2010

Do your kids know what a postage stamp is?

One television station survey suggests that four out of five children under the age of 18 have never touched a postage stamp.

Scary thought!

Is it true?

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Merk said...

My 5-year-old granddaughter knows how to write a letter, address an envelope (with a little help) and to put a stamp on it. But she has a "Postal" grandma so that probably helps. I'm sure there will be fewer and fewer kids in future generations that will understand how to use the mail. I've had 20-somethings come to the retail window without the slightest idea how to mail a package or letter. Why don't they teach this in school anymore? Even with new technology everyone should still learn the proper way to hand-write a letter or address an envelope. Some things simply shouldn't be done by email or texting.

Anonymous said...

I taught my kids how to address a letter correctly; I am often surprised to find people who don't know how at my office. My kid's don't buy stamps however - they just hand their stuff to me and "Hey, Mom - mail this for me, ok?" They hated it when I was a 204B at a carrier annex with no window service and they had to go to the post office for themselves.

Anonymous said...

I gave my Granddaughter a package of the prestamped postcards Disney series. What fun it is to sort the mail and get a postcard from her; a great day brightner! She also loves hearing from me, we take turns writing back and forth. We need to get involved so our kids and grandkids know how to write a letter and how great it feels to get one!

Anonymous said...

I teach at the Postal National Center for Employee Development, NCED. You would be surprised at how many Postal employees do NOT know how to properly address an envelop!

Rudy Tolentino said...

The USPS needs to come up with better, more exciting T.V. commercials. I have some in mind. This generation is so caught up in their computers, texting and cell calling. They need to be shown that a personal letter is just that, "PERSONAL"