Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The most diverse ZIP Code in the U.S.

98118, Columbia City, WA has recently been acknowledged as one of the nation's most diverse ZIP Codes.

According to the Census Bureau, 59 different languages are spoken throughout the ZIP area which officially has 40,000 residents in it's six square miles.

How diverse is your neighborhood, route or town?

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Merk said...

Wow, 59 languages! It must be interesting being a retail clerk there. I've often though foreign post offices probably have tougher jobs than we do since they receive a lot of mail from the US and other countries written in language other than their own. They must have to learn how to sort and deliver that mail. Imagine if we had to learn at least one or 2 other languages to sort mail coming from other countries. In the small towns I've worked in I haven't seen too much diversity but I did have a customer that couldn't speak due to a stroke. We developed our own version of sign language and often I'd ask questions and he'd nod or shake his head. The cards available to retail associates with various languages on them must be good for places with diverse populations.