Thursday, April 8, 2010

Identity theft and the mail: Another myth?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, as little as 2 percent of identity crimes occur through the mail.

Theft of a wallet or purse is responsible for 5 percent -- meaning your documents are safer in the mail then they are in your pocket.

The problem is that too many people have the perception that is a primary venue for identity theft. It just isn't so.

How many people do you know have this perception? How can we change it?
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Anonymous said...

Why isn't our advertising department making this into a commercial? The flat rate guy is cute; and he's working but come on - our customer's get it. Move on to this new topic; a postal inspector letting people know how to use the mail safely and letting people know that almost no identity theft occurs because of the mail.
PM level 16

Anonymous said...

so what makes up the remaining 93%?

Anonymous said...

My belief was that identity theft criminals removed credit care offers and bills from rural mail boxes because they don't have locks. Therefore, I too would like to know what constitutes the other 93% of thefts. I believe its smart to cut-up any cards not being used,paying down your cards, and limiting yourself to one care only.

Anonymous said...

If it isn't from the mail (which I would think includes the mail in the garbage) or pocket is it from on line transactions? I really don't think that many people think identity crimes is from the mail any more. There is way more notifications and warnings about it from using the internet.

Francis S Alaphat said...

We have allowed mailbox that can only be delivered by USPS Mailer to be unlocked and can be potentially opened by any Thief or identity Thief and why do we not address this issue and falsely claim to the surprise of all that this is safe medium. Face the reality and adapt to change by making the mail or mailboxes safer by saying that mailbox should be locked and a mailman and owner can only unlock it.