Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Submarine Mail in New Mexico

This stamp was issued Jan. 6 in Santa Fe, NM, in observance of the Centennial celebration of New Mexico statehood. 
Leo Davis, WWII submarine veteran
affixes stamps to each cover.
One group, among many, who decided to do a little extra to celebrate was the New Mexico Council of the Navy League of the United States. This civilian support organization took the opportunity to highlight the USS New Mexico submarine by having it carry some special mail onboard. The "submarine mail" now makes a commemorative collectable.
The USS New Mexico Committee designed and produced a special cachet cover that features a photo of the submarine underway, and the commemorative postage stamp. It also features an insert with information about the Navy's 6th Virginia-class submarine and a special USPS-approved cancellation postmark.

The cachet envelopes were then overnighted to the Chief of the Boat, ETCS Eric Murphy who took them to sea.

The Commanding Officer, CDR George Perez, signed each cover, thereby certifying that each has been carried beneath the sea aboard USS New Mexico.
USS New Mexico

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