Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pack and Ship

Time is a precious resource that seems to become scarcer with every passing year. Increasing demands on our time and greater reliance on staying plugged into our technology leaves fewer opportunities to enjoy many activities that were once part of a full lifestyle. One of those activities receiving less attention every year is packaging items for shipping.

Whether it’s sending a sweater, a new DVD, or the latest tablet PC to a friend or loved one, finding the time to come across the right gift and buying it is difficult enough. Finding the time to package and ship it to its destination can be almost impossible for people with multiple demands on their time. Gift card sales have been on the rise as a result, though they lack a personal touch that finding the right gift to send to someone can offer.

A pack and ship service could be an option for busy people who would like to send something more personalized than a gift card. An individual could take an item to a retail counter, hand it to a associate and pay to have the item packed and shipped to its destination. It saves the individual the time it takes to package the item and it would ensure it was packaged correctly to prevent damage.

FedEx and UPS currently offer this service at their retail locations to ensure its time-conscious customers can still send packages even with heavy demands on their schedules.

Do you think this is something the Postal Service could offer?

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