Monday, September 17, 2012

National PCC Week

This week is national PCC Week where Postal Customer Council members get together with USPS officers in Atlanta, GA, to exchange ideas and viewpoints and learn more about current events and opportunities within the mailing industry. While this is interesting information to have, what exactly is a Postal Customer Council and what does it do?

There are more than 200 PCCs across the country. Each one is made up of members of the local business community, both large and small, as well as government agencies. Membership in the organization represents an opportunity for businesses to get together and learn about marketing their products and services in the mail, discover where to find mailing lists, and share knowledge and experience with other members of the mailing community. It also offers members the chance to earn professional certificates by learning more about postal products and services.

Prior to this year, PCC was a day-long event. It expanded this year into a week-long event to offer PCC members more flexibility in scheduling and greater opportunities for networking.

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Have you participated in a PCC event?

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