Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There’s a New Shutl Coming to Town

Soon to make its debut in the U.S., Shutl is a delivery service that gives its customers the opportunity to receive an item purchased online within 90 minutes of ordering it. It’s a large boast from a service that has yet to begin operating in North America, but it’s a strategy they’re counting on to increase revenue.

Shutl currently operates throughout the United Kingdom. In addition to a quick delivery, the company offers customers the opportunity to choose a specific one-hour block of time in which to receive their packages. The service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including holidays to make deliveries more convenient for customers.

Unlike most of its competitors, Shutl doesn’t maintain a sizeable distribution network. Instead, the company chooses to partner with couriers to pick up deliveries from retail stores and deliver them to customers nearby. It’s a system designed mostly for short-range purchases close to a customer’s home, but it’s a tool people can use to get what they want from a local store without the burden of carrying it home themselves.

Do you think this would be a potentially profitable service in the United States?

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Patrick Cuningkin said...

Yes, There is a company in Tulsa, Ok called I'm Delivered and they provide a very similar service. I love it!