Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Reflections: Price change day

"So, do I need a one cent stamp with this Forever Stamp?"
"How much are ten, 1 cent stamps?"
"Didn't prices just go up?"
"Did you get a raise?"
"How long are these Forever Stamps good for?"

There were many, many questions yesterday. They will probably continue all week. Price changes are never easy, but hopefully this year the Forever Stamp helped a little.

Here, Spokane's Shadle Garland Station APWU Clerk Craft Director Jeff Hedspeth helps a customer with stamp selection.

What will you remember about this week?
After all, it's a New Era for the Postal Service!

Judy wrote and said this:

"It was very busy at the Post Office in Walnut Grove MN. People were buying 1 cent stamps and asking about the Forever stamp value. Adjusting to the new rates is always a challenge for our customers as well as postal employees. The Forever stamps made the transistion much easier."

Photo: Lisa Nystuen

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