Monday, May 12, 2008

What a day

Today was a real rush at “ye ol’ Post Office.” The price of stamps went up just a little today – just like everything else in my store has gone up. While some weren’t thrilled, most just took it in stride. I was busy answering questions all day. That Jefferson kept coming by, with his “what venture hath wrought you this day?” kinds of questions. And he kept asking things like, “Is it spelled ‘colour’ or ‘color’?" I told him to go ask Webster – he wrote the book on this stuff.

Anyway, how was your day? Leave a comment below.

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FM Girls said...

It was very busy at the Post Office in Walnut Grove MN. People were buying 1 cent stamps and asking about the Forever stamp value. Adjusting to the new rates is always a challenge for our customers as well as postal employees. The Forever stamps made the transistion much easier.