Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Welcome to Your Postal Blog, the perfect place for members of the postal family to share their local news, interesting thoughts and ideas, amusing stories and fun photos.

Your Postal Blog operates on the notion that, sometimes, postal employees just need a good laugh. So, here's a prime online place to do just that. Your Postal Blog is a great place to share the stuff that didn't quite make it into your local news media or USPS newsletter. It's also a haven to share your fun postal experiences, quips and quotes, anecdotes, and whatever else catches your fancy. (All we ask is that your be considerate of others: No flaming. No shaming. And no posting of other folks' news without their permission.)

Each post has a "comment" option and we welcome your feedback. Just click on it and choose "name" or "anonymous." And send us your ideas or suggestions by clicking here. Let the blogging begin!

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