Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Start spreadin the news, Sinatra gets his dues

Today, Frank Sinatra gets his stamp. Way to go, Frank. I know the thrill you must be feeling. I’m not braggin', but I’ve been on dozens of stamps. But the real excitement is to get your mug on money.

That $100 dollar bill is a favorite of mine. But I’m not sure I like the enhanced lines on my face – it makes me feel old just looking at it!

Click here for a chance to win plenty of Sinatra music and collectibles. Also, the BIG prize -- a 52 inch HDTV television and sound system. Also, they are giving away ten second place prizes -- baby blue IPODS.

Someday, ole Benny will get his own link for a contest. But for now, give up for Frankie!
What do you think of the new Sinatra stamp?

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