Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working at the Post Office

The cleanest rural vehicles are at Medical Lake, WA -- at least until the next rain storm.

It was a long winter and the rural route vehicles wore dirt like battle wounds. Now, he could have complained about them, instead Postmaster Stan Johnson took a sponge and a bucket and did the duty himself. That's my kind of leader.

"I appreciate the way they did their job. There was snow everywhere," he said. "We had boxes down and weather problems for a long time. And they delivered the mail every day."

Next time, Johnson hints that he might clean the inside of the rural carrier vehicles.

Ol' Benny doesn't have a vehicle -- they took away my license when I turned 142, but I do have a couple of mares than need brushing. What do you think, Johnson? You up for that?

Postmaster Stan Johnson, Rural Carriers Cindy Farrington, Chris Howe, John Sodoma, Margaret Rux- Shannon

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