Thursday, August 7, 2008

Milk -- by mail?

One of the oddest listings on is for a gallon of "Tuscan Whole Milk."

That's right -- a gallon of milk available for a few dollars -- plus a whole lot of money for express shipping. Or, it can be shipped free using "super saver 7-10 delivery" via the Postal Service.

The ongoing discussion about the product has garnered nearly a 1,000 'reviews' about the product -- all of them, no doubt, fake, but quite humorous.

One customer had a unique twist on how to utilize the jug of milk:

"I ordered three gallons of this delightful beverage and had it sent to my Post Office box. Amazingly, the container is exactly the same size as my box. So now, when I want a delicious glass of milk, all I have to do is go to the post office, open the box, unscrew the cap, voila! Once they put my milk into the PO Box so the bottom faced the door and I had to poke a hole in it and drink the whole gallon at once."

But seriously, with declining volumes, what other products should we be delivering?

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