Friday, August 1, 2008

Weird mail

Several of you wrote about 'the strangest things you've ever seen in the mail."

Here are some good stories:

"When I was a MPE working tour 2 at the Wichita Kansas P & DC I remember one morning I had just completed the maintenance route on our SPBS and turned it over to the operators. As I was gathering my tools, in the corner of my eye I saw something odd-colored coming down the chain. I turned and saw a flip-flop coming down on a carrier cell and fall into a chute. I wasn't the only one who noticed, and soon there were several folks over at the mail hamper it fell into, wanting to know if someone had actually mailed it. Sure enough, we turned it over and on the bottom it had been properly addressed and stamped (from Florida). There was also a short message, which read something to the effect of 'Wish you were here.'"
------- Dale Pritzkau

and this one,
"Several years ago, Gerber did a mass mailing of baby spoons. The spoons got on the OCR's by mistake. What a racket that made!!"

What's the strangest thing you've ever seen in the mail? Let me know by clicking on the comments below or clicking here:


Anonymous said...

One day we had a giant cabbage come from Alaska to a resident of the local nursing home. Her son sent it to her. He had put a haxagonal piece of plywood on top and bottom held together by a few wooden slats, so the cabbage was still clearly visible! Next to the address label on one of the end pieces of plywood he'd added a note: Coleslaw for everyone!

Anonymous said...

When I was a PMR still in my first year or two of USPS employment, I "sorted" a coconut right off the tree from Hawaii. The sender had just used a black marker to write the address and the stamps were stuck right to it.

Anonymous said...

While working night shift in Boulder CO, a student at the University of Colorado received a pair of starched stiff boxer shorts with a letter written on them.

Anonymous said...

While working night shift at Boulder CO, an OTR opened and a bunch of frogs were jumping all over the place...ooops somebody forgot special handling on these guys

Anonymous said...

Yes yet again from Boulder CO, we had 2 brothers, one who lived in Boulder & one out of state. Year after year they sent the same fruitcake to and from each other. Parcel workers were always on the lookout for the fruitcake brick!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt..the strangest thing I have seen in my 35 years with USPS was a light bulb..No wrapping just the bulb with the address written in black marker with the proper postage attached.This light bulb made it cross country without a hitch.