Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More of your comments regarding Saturday delivery

Our ongoing discussion of the merits of five-day delivery has resulted in plenty of comments.

One Iowa Postmaster said this: “There’s a LOT of politics surrounding a decision of this magnitude. In my humble opinion we will not go to a 5 day delivery week any time soon; especially in an election year.”

One commenter said this: “Taking away Saturday delivery might indeed save the Post Office alot of money on gas, but it will make every Monday seem like a day after a holiday for postal employees, especially the carriers. A day after a holiday type of delivery 52 times more a year might be a bit too much.”

And getting personal, a few sub employees (PTFs, RCAs and PMRs) wondered where five-day delivery would leave them, since many of them make their living on the sixth day.

One creative commenter suggested a “no Saturday Delivery with a ‘rolling’ residential delivery which delivered to all residentials 4 times a week.”

There are several things to consider. Our network is based on six days delivery. Mailers count on the mail moving and time their drops accordingly. Don't forget about transporation. And then there’s the law that requires six days of delivery – so any change will need some extensive soul-searching and debate.

And how would your customer react? Let me know by clicking on the “comment” button below. Or, if you are receiving this by email, click here.

P.S. Benny even got an e-mail from a wife. “I would love to have my carrier-husband home on Saturdays. There so many things he should be doing around the house.” Please – no more letters from wives. Mrs. Franklin is less than understanding.

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