Monday, August 11, 2008

Carrier shows canine who's in charge

Sleepy Mt. Vernon, MO, was the scene of a horrific dog attack a couple of weeks ago. But, one of our own saved the day.

Carrier Chris Krebs was attacked by big old, mean dog. Right away, it started to claw and bite him. This was looking bad.

Krebs was able to whip out his pepper spray, but the mutt grabbed the can out of his hand and crushed it. But enough spray got into its face that the dog backed down. Dazed and in shock, Krebs sat on a porch, calling his supervisor from a cell phone. But the call was a short one -- screams came from down the street. The dog had grabbed a 10-year old boy and was dragging him across a driveway.

Flying across the lawns came Krebs, "defender of the innocent." He kicked the dog, who dropped the boy and turned his attention to the gray and blue-clad superhero, finding new skin to attack. The two were tussling on the ground when another neighbor grabbed the dog by the neck and between the two, subdued the filthy animal.

Krebs -- you're the hero of the neighborhood, of your town, and the entire Postal Service. I'll carry your satchel any day!

Mt. Vernon City Carrier Chris Krebs shows off his battle wounds.
Photo courtesy Lawrence County Record

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