Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Early retirement -- what do your friends think?

Last week I asked for your opinion on the $15,000 the Postal Service is offering to employees covered by APWU and NPMHU agreements to retire or quit outright. You might have answered, but I'm interested in what your friends say. Please forward this message on to them.

There is a poll on the upper-right corner that asks how you feel. The choices are:
  • I'm going. Thanks for the dough!
  • I'll take the cash, but I was going to retire anyway
  • I'm eligible, but I'm not ready
  • I'm not eligible, but I'd jump if I could
  • I'm not eligible, but I still wouldn't take it

Maybe you have another possiblity. If so, click here.

Please pass this on...let's see how people really feel.


Anonymous said...

Lets look to our Canadian counterparts. They aren't doing buyouts, just cutting the work force for what they need. That is cost saving!!!
Also get on with the 5 day delivery.
Let the chips fall where they will!
We will all be affected.

Anonymous said...

I think buying out an employee who is already eligible for retirement is not a sound business practice. Instead you should offer early retirements without penalties….that is subtracting percentage points for each year they retire early…but not begin retirement pay until they have reached the approved age of retirement. Or another possibility is to buyout employees who are 3-5 years shy of retirement, who in all likelihood will not have a job due to downsizing or office closures. I know it violates some laws and I know I will be the target of some people, but we should consider mandatory retirement for those eligible now. That would help us to reach our numbers and allow junior qualified people to remain on the rolls and perhaps retire themselves. "The need of the many must outweigh the needs of the few, or the one."

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the buy out at all. I thought we were trying to help the company. I think we should start at the top instead of chopping the feet off at the bottom. The top six in the USPS organization should take pay cuts. Let them live on a $100,000 salary. I still think that is way more than they need. I think they need to show us that they are serious about "saving" the company. Secondly I think our contract with the companies that we have to use through eBuy needs to be changed to reflect competative prices. Almost anything in the Office Products area that I have to order for my office I can buy for sometimes 1/2 at our local stores. Something is seriously wrong with that! We need to be able to manage our own offices!! That is what we were supposedly hired to do.