Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keeping Posted

Did you know that in the last five years, 185,000 employees have retired from the Postal Service?

Many haven't lost interest in what’s happening in the Postal Service. Look at me. I'm still at it, even though I've been retired for a couple of centuries!

The Postal Service has a website dedicated to "sunset" employees like myself --

The site features plenty of news and items of interest. They also feature accomplishments of a retired employee. Check out the spotlight on postal retiree, Marylou Krest, who was chosen by baseball fans, Major League Baseball and People magazine for her community service.

They are looking for other retirees to highlight -- send your fav retiree's stuff to

All nominations for the Keeping Posted Spotlight must include the following:

· Contact information for nominee including an email address and telephone number
· Photo (head shot) of the nominee in a jpeg format
· Photo of the nominee while they are performing their hobby, community service, or volunteer work
· Narrative about what the employee is doing after retirement
· Any publication that features the retiree
· Position held with the Postal Service before retirement

Retirees can self nominate, so you can look for a very flattering piece on Benny in the future.

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