Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Postal Customer Council day

Today is National Postal Customer Council Day. PCC's are vital components to USPS partnership with mailers. Listening to customers, we can refine our products and improve our service.

Speaking to a national simulcast audience, Postmaster Jack Potter addressed 10,000 PCC members assembled in nearly 200 PCC’s locations around the country.

The Greater Portland, OR, PCC won the PCC of the year award. Their theme of "Bridging the Future... Together” was more than a catchy slogan. They maintained strong connections within the postal community through direct mail, e-mail blasts, a dynamic web page and monthly phone conferences.

They provide ongoing education through workshops, meetings, tours and seminars.

Northland's Tony Williams was cited as the district manager of the year, for his involvement and leadership with mailers.

This PCC is a great example of Post Offices working well with customers. You may not have a formal PCC in your town, but what do you do to educate, inform and involve your customers?
Let me know here.

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Anonymous said...

As needs arise for customers...
...follow up on answers with info on their needs etc... doing all we can show... we give a care !
Darlen Carey
RR 17
Hudson Station