Friday, September 4, 2009

Retiree is one super human

When I retired from the Postal Service, I did a little travel, worked on my garden and flew kites.

Your retirement plans may involve family, sleeping in and fishing.

But Arthur Webb, who retired as a electronics technician from the Santa Rosa, CA, Post Office a few years ago, gives a whole different meaning to the golden years.

He was recently featured in Sport Illustrated for his ironman performance in the Badwater Ultramarathan, a grueling 135-mile running race through Death Valley.

He’s 67 and has run the race the past 12 years.

The temperature can be as hot as 130 degrees, so conditioning takes on a whole new meaning. Read about his training regime here. His bio is here -- just look at all the races he has run.

He’s not one sympthatic to excuses. He said this in the article: “Whatever you do, you're morally obligated to follow that commitment. If you don't, what's the purpose?"


What do you plan to do in retirement? Tell me here.

By the way, there's an official postal webpage for retirees --


Anonymous said...

I would like to learn to play the piano and become fluent in Spanish. Also, be more involved in the political process by keeping abreast of how my local and state representatives do the jobs they were elected for.

Anonymous said...

I want to do more volunteer work, hoseback vacationing, square dancing and not worrying about SCANNING ANYTHING!! ( :