Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heroes in blue

Our employees perform thousands of good deeds a day. Out and about we give directions, help the aged, and watch out for the young.

Some of those good deeds are down-right heroic. The National Association of Letter Carriers recently cited some of those with several national awards this month.

  • Timothy Foote, of Harrisburg, Pa., rushed to a neighbor's blazing home and rescued a 78-year-old man who was lying unconscious on the living room floor.
    James Patrick, of Johnstown, PA., helped evacuate a Roman Catholic priest and his secretary after flames spread through a church.
  • Matthew Polnow, of Rockford, Ill., helped free a woman in a wheelchair from a smoked-filled van that was on fire after being involved in a vehicle accident.
  • Victoria Wells, of Seattle, WA, helped evacuate 10 children and others from a burning day care facility along her postal route.
  • James Brown, Jr., of Virginia Beach, VA., rescued an elderly women who had fallen inside her home.

  • A National Humanitarian Award was given to Emmanuel Anim-Sackey of West Orange, NJ, who sends used clothes, shoes and school supplies to a village in his native Ghana.

    Benny salutes all of you!

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    Anonymous said...

    This is a part of the job the public needs to know more about. Our dedication to our customers in unparalleled.