Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Post Office takes the cake

Since using Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes is a piece of cake, Mondamin, IA, Postmaster Bonnie Schraeder figured she would bake a 3-layer cake, decorate it to look like a flat rate box, and enter it in a baking contest and auction as part of the town’s annual Heritage Day celebration.

Throughout the 3-day celebration, Mondamin postal employees spread the word about the value and convenience of Flat Rate Boxes and alternate access. Schraeder walked in the Heritage Day Parade dressed as a Priority Mail box. Rural Carrier Susan Lawrenson followed in her mail delivery jeep, which was adorned with flashing lights, and all sizes of Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes and USPS conveniences such as Click-N-Ship, Carrier Pickup, Stamps by Mail and more. The Post Office parade entry won 1st place in the business category.

Joining the fun was Postmaster Relief Lenka Knowski, who decorated the Post Office front window with Priority boxes and patriotic ribbons. Last but not least, Rural Carrier Candace Markum and Rural Carrier Associate Debra Wallis made sure the mail was delivered to the two rural routes on time while the rest of the office enjoyed the day with the celebration in the park.

"The Mondamin, Iowa Post Office plays an active part in the town’s life every day, but even more so during the annual Heritage Day celebration." said Schraeder. "We always have an attractive seasonal display in our front window, but this year we focused on advertising our services as well."

Benny likes these guys, because they have fun!

Postmaster Bonnie Schraeder holding the cake. To to the right is Rural Carrier Candy Marcum, and to the left is PMR Lenka Knowski . In the back row RCA Debra Wallis and Rural Carrier Susan Lawrenson. Look closely and you will see Carry, the Post Office mascot, in the window display.

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Anonymous said...

How creative and fun! Congratulations on wining first prize in the business class. I hope USPS Management knows how hard the craft work to promote this business.

Anonymous said...

cool cake! neat idea!

Anonymous said...

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