Friday, December 11, 2009

The end of catalogs?

An article recently analyzed the presumption that Gen X and Gen Y consumers are less  influenced by print catalogs.  Given the ability to shop 24/7 on the Internet and search for items from a variety of sources, some may question the viability of print.

The author, John Lenser, believes that "catalogs will remain an important component of marketing."  He sees catalogs becoming more of an educational platform, informing consumers about options who then turn to a brick-and-mortars store or the Internet to make a purchase.

He encourages marketers to "stop thinking of your company as a 'catalog company.' A truer description is that you are an e-commerce company that uses a catalog as an important advertising medium to drive traffic to your 'store.'"

Read the entire article here.

What do you think about the future of catalogs? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

Even though this is the computer age I still know a large number of people who don't own one,or because of security, wouldn't buy off of one. I myself have had my identity stole and I am very leary about buying online. If it happened once it can happen again and I can stand the financial costs. I think catalogues are here to stay or at least I hope so. Companies could ask if you wanted a hard copy if you ordered online.

Anonymous said...

Catalogues are fun & relaxing to browse & dream or plan to shop.
Does the USPS have a catalog ?
Catalog of available stamps ?
I'd like to have one of each :)
RR 17
Hudson Station

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree, I do order online sometimes but it is usually AFTER I have seen the catalog so keep the catalogues coming PLEASE.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy modern day "window shopping" (by catalog). You get to see it, read a description and compare it with similar items elsewhere. I don't know the current statistic, but it used to be, 1 out of 20 catalogs produced USPS revenue; whether it be coming or going. Keep those cards, letters, (catalogs) and packages coming; it's our paycheck!

Anonymous said...

Yes there is a catalog for stamps. You are able to request one at 1-800/stamp24.

Merk said...

I order quite often online but usually do so after looking through a catalog. Catalogs are much easier to browse through when it is convenient and usually give a better idea of the product so you can comparatively shop. If I didn't get catalogs I might not buy a lot of the things I do (maybe that would be a good thing :) Some people claim catalogs and direct mail are unwanted and "junk" but I love them - keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying from them!

Anonymous said...

Our marketing efforts need to encourage companies to use the catalog as an ADDITIONAL mode of advertising for the internet (or brick and morter store front shopping). Don't folks browse through the Sunday newpaper inserts before they do their weekly grocery or department store shopping? Sure they do! And the large retailers need to know that catalogs enhance the on-line shopping experience. Keep those catalogs!!

Anonymous said...

Recycle your catalogs to doctor's offices, etc. Almost any place with a waiting room will take them. I tear out my personal info on the inside order form and outside. A little work but it not only recycles but will encourage others to possibly order online and increase our business.