Thursday, December 3, 2009

New flat-rate envelope for gift giving

The Postal Service has introduced its latest in the line of Priority Mail flat-rate products. The Priority Mail Flat Rate Gift Envelope is making a test run at POS ONE Post Offices around the country.

Each $4.95 flat-rate envelope includes a convenient slot inside for securing gift cards. Included with the envelopes is a retail counter display decorated with a holiday-themed bow.

This new product targets customers mailing greeting cards with a gift card enclosed or sending oversized greeting cards.

Does anyone have these yet? What do customers say about them? Selling many? Let me know here.


Anonymous said...

Personally I will NOT use this; it is a blatant calling to "Steal Me" because I have a gift card enclosed.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree. That is about as crazy an idea as they have come up with. I would not use them, or would I suggest my customers use them. I am sticking with the regular flat rate envelope, or better yet, Express Mail.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally help out at other offices and my customers at Woodrum Station in Staunton, Va. love this envelope for larger cards. The envelope is not overly large like the original Flat rate envelope. A much better fit!! I didn't even realize it was designed with gift cards in mind. I better read the fine print.