Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animal Rescue: Pet Adoption Stamps

In the couple of weeks since the stamp has been released, the numbers are pretty impressive.

Through May 11, we've sold at our retail windows 1.9 million panes, or $17 million worth of stamps. Online, we've sold an additional 429,000 panes, or $3.7 million worth of stamps.

Put those two together and we've sold more than $21 million of stamps. How are they selling in your Post Office? Comment here.

Photo by Lisa Nystuen


Merk said...

Whenever anyone asks for a book of stamps I show them the Shelter Pet stamps and most have taken those instead of a book. My daughter is using several sheets as raffle prizes for a fund-raiser for dogs that need special medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

The Shelter Pet stamps have been an "okay" seller, but I could sell hundreds of the Cowboys of the Silver Screen, which were available for about 10 days. I reordered once before they ran out but my customers are begging me for more. I have told them to order at USPS.com, which is still filling orders of this stamp, but many don't have, or won't use, the internet.

Anonymous said...

I can't get the cats, dogs or cowboys sold. The Love Pansies, though, are flying off the counter. I sold 1200 in 2 weeks and ordered 2000 more. I plan to order plenty more next order week.

Anonymous said...

I love these stamps. They are cute and people at my office seem to really like them.

Anonymous said...

The pets have been a moderate seller here in the Midwest. The Pansies however are a huge hit! They are good for so many things, Birthdays, Thanks Yous, Weddings, etc. We need more flower stamps!!! The cowboys went over very well here also and I wish we could have gotten more of them!