Monday, May 24, 2010

Postal heroes

Thousands of postal employees process, transport and deliver the mail on a daily basis — while providing a vital link and serving as a driver of the American economy.

But Postal employees also are known for their service and benevolence in local communities across the nation.

As the eyes and ears in neighborhoods when there’s nobody else around, they perform selfless and heroic acts — often at risk to their own safety. For many, humility and anonymity are their best characteristics — never looking for recognition, just responding to a call for help from a customer or co-worker.

People Magazine did a story on postal heroes last year. Read it here.

Do you know a postal hero? Were you one yourself? Talk about it by clicking here and commenting.

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Merk said...

I've worked with several heroes: a PMR was delivering a certified and recognized the signs of a stroke in an elderly customer (confusion & trouble talking) and notified her family & got help for her. And a rural carrier that helped catch a person who stole mail and checks from a mailbox and another who happened upon a house that was being burgalurized and notified authorities. I also know a clerk who helped perform CPR on a customer in the lobby. There are probably more as employees often help and nobody ever hears about it.