Monday, May 3, 2010

Project America Run

Some of us are runners. Two miles. Five miles. Maybe even a half-marathon. Sometimes, we run just to the bus stop.

But Retired Driggs, ID, Clerk Mick Ehredt is running solo across America. That's 4,514 miles! His efforts are meant to honor and remember service members serving in Iraq. He'll place a single flag in remembrance of an individual fallen soldier at every mile marker along the way.

He started his run in Astoria Oregon on Sunday will end up in Rockland, Maine five months from now. He'll log about 30 miles a day.

Ehredt will consume 10,000 calories a day, drink bucketloads of water and burn through several pairs of tennis shoes.

The website for his run can be found at
You can check his progress here.
And Mike's blog is here.

What do you think about this effort?
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Run Mike, run!

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