Friday, May 21, 2010

Your chance to buy it: World's most valuable stamp up for auction

The tiny Treskilling Yellow stamp in Sweden is being shown at London's Festival of Stamps and will be auctioned off in Geneva next week.

The three-shilling stamp was used in 1857 to mail a letter.

It was printed in yellow by mistake, and should in fact have been green, which has served to make it extremely rare. It was presumed that some other stamps were produced in the same batch, but no other Treskilling Yellow has ever surfaced.

The stamp has changed hands many times and each time has set a record price. The last sale was in 1996 when it sold for 2,875,000 Swiss Francs.

Do you collect stamps? What's your most valuable stamp? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who pays that kind of money for a single stamp is nuts and very, very vane. They will pay all of that money...just to say I have the only one of its kind!! :(

Anonymous said...

I am not a stamp collector (not that type any way) and I wouldn't spend anywhere near that amount for a stamp. I can think of a lot of other things I would buy.