Friday, May 14, 2010

A nifty idea: You and your pet on a stamp

The Boston Animal Rescue Society has this great idea. They provided a blank canvas that looks like a stamp, and then pets and their owners strike a pose!

But pet owners can go one step further, using a customized postage service like Zazzle, Pitney Bowes, PictureItPostage or PhotoStamps.

If you've never tried it, you should. You upload your own digital photo and you can print your own valid, U.S. postage stamp.

You'll pay a little premium for the service, but they're sure to be the talk of the town for you and your pet.


Anonymous said...

I have been having my dogs on stamps for years. They make GREAT gifts for my family and friends. The response to them is wonderful.

Blue said...

kinda random question... but maybe you will know....

my uncle has a bunch of us mail related belt buckles that he has collected that were part of a series.

i was looking to fill in ones he doesn't have... but i can't find these anywhere online. even ebay has only had 1 or 2 of the ones he already has in his set.

any ideas for places that might have these, or even mail carrier related collectibles on general?

Anonymous said...

I have printed out my own stamps. It is very easy- I find Zazzle the easist to use. We had a family reunion and I used a family group picture for the invites. Lots of great comments. This is a way to personalize your wedding, birthday, anniversery, graduation, new baby etc celebrations.

Merk said...

I made stamps with a photo of my granddaughter for house-warming presents for my daughter and my parents. Of course I made a set for myself, too, and I'll never use them for postage. In reply to "Blue," have you tried asking the NRLCA or NALC? I believe both unions have magazines that you might be able to send a letter to that they could publish. You might try other postal organizations, too, such as APWU, NAPUS, League of Postmasters, NAPS. Or even NARFE. And just keep checking eBay - I think they still have a place you can post what items you want and sellers that have them can contact you.