Monday, November 7, 2011

Americans Love Letters

Everyone loves getting letters. But in order to receive you need to give. There is a website that promotes "helping to save the USPS" with a unique idea. It encourages readers to pledge to write one letter a month.

Ok, we know that as digitial communication grows, the art of letter writing fades. Maybe we even buy that a world without letters may quickly be upon us. Many of us are skeptical, however, that a letter writing campaign can solve the USPS financial problems. Many of you wrote comments about this on a previous post on September 29th.

But consider what this website proclaims that letter writing is a part of our heritage, and keeping the mail going will help keep a part of our history alive. What will the historic letters of this generation be?

It further states that handwritten words of intimacy conquer any distance or length of time. What letter do you keep tucked away to be read over and over?

Whether it will help save the Postal Service or not, maybe we should not lose something so important as hand written or hard copy letters.

Would you be willing to write one letter a month? If so, visit the blog tomorrow for some letter writing ideas.


Grannybunny said...

I would be willing to do it and have already started, but using greeting cards -- purchased at the Post Office -- with handwritten notes, not just letters, to one of my Grandsons and his Mother, who live in another town and who we don't see often enough. I plan to give him some cute notecards and some Forever stamps, to make it easy for him to write back.

Anonymous said...

I am part of a family "circle" letter that has been circulated continuously within my Mother's family since 1937. Of the 9 children in the family, 5 are still alive and contribute a letter. I took my Mother's place after she passed away and I feel so lucky to be a part of this wonderful tradition in such a loving family.

Anonymous said...

I send out a card for every holiday, birthday etc. I still pay my bills by mail. I just am not comfortable with someone eles in my personal information to my bank account. All you ever hear about on the news is how some crimanal has stolen someones information and there idenity. Just from people paying there bills or shopping online. Nope think i will stay with my stamp and enevlope!!