Monday, October 22, 2012

A Service Like No Other

Retrieving mail from a mailbox is a routine many people enjoy each day. The box is opened with curiosity, its contents extracted, and the mail is riffled through it to see what’s interesting and important. The Postal Service offers its customers a close, personal relationship with correspondence from around the country. That contact presents a unique connection between people that digital alternatives cannot provide.

Mail is tangible. It’s something that can be held in a pair of hands, felt with eager fingers, and connected with using more senses than any digital media can offer. It doesn't get blocked in an e-mail filter or ignored as a banner ad on a webpage. Information from mail cannot be stolen by hackers half way around the globe or sold by anonymous Internet identity thieves looking to make a quick buck on someone's good name.

The next time someone suggests the Postal Service is no longer an important part of modern day America, remind them of the value it still offers. Be sure to let them know that mail is an important part of the communication flow in this country and that it's here to stay. 

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