Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scammers Use E-mail to Target Businesses

Scammers are looking to feed their voracious appetites for ill-gotten gains by sending out e-mails asking for confirmation of certain financial account information – and they aren’t limiting their approach to just personal accounts.

Unscrupulous bandits of today are hoping that business employees with access to corporate financial accounts are lax in their security precautions. They think that employees of businesses are more likely to be forthcoming in sharing account information because they feel safe behind the corporate shield. Are they right?

Don’t give scammers the chance to find out. Whenever an unsolicited e-mail finds its way into your inbox asking for ANY kind of financial information, call your financial institution directly to find out if the request is genuine. Don’t use any contact information provided in the e-mail. Either use information already in your possession to make the call or look for contact information on the company website.

Protecting personal and business account information is increasingly important in a world with a growing number of cyber crime thieves fishing for free cash. Be sure to slam the door on their illegal pursuits by depriving them of their reason for staying in business.

What other measures do you think people can take to limit unauthorized access to account information?

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