Thursday, May 17, 2012

Big Enough to be Incorporated?

How large should a town be to be incorporated? In the small town of Lost Springs, WY, the answer is “one,” according to the 2000 census. Even with the 2010 census, which showed a population of four, the population size still ranks the town as one of the smallest in the United States. Other towns consisting of one resident include:

- Criehaven, ME
- Hibberts Gore, ME
- Kiel Township, MN
- Township 157-30, MN
- Dix’s Grant, NH

Should a town with a very small population be incorporated? How small is too small? Comment here.

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Anonymous said...

Everybody has to be somewhere. If the State hasn't put the ground into the next city, numbers shouldn't be a factor. It's legal protection you know. What is the smallest acres? When my land was surrounded on 3 sides by a city, THEY had the right to annex me.