Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Those Wary Eyes Mean Business

Hello all, Benny here. I just wanted to remind you that this week, May 19-25, is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. I can’t think of a better time to review preventative measures to avoid becoming the victim of a cantankerous canine.

I still remember the time when I had a good friend, Thomas Walpole, over for lunch one gorgeous afternoon. The entire time he was there, my dog kept eying poor Tom warily, growling periodically. Good old Tom just kept his cool and ignored him. Tom managed to leave without incident about an hour later, though he never did return for a follow-up visit. I’m still not sure what really sparked the unease with my faithful companion, but it might have had something to do with the fact that Tom was a banker and still wearing his uniform-like suit when he came over.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in the following tips to help avoid being bitten by a dog:

- Never enter an area where a dog is barking, snarling, eating, sleeping, or nursing.
- Never antagonize or attempt to pet a dog.
- Do not make direct eye contact with a dog.
- Do not smile at a dog. This can be seen as a sign of aggression.
- Slowly back away from the animal.
- Never run, and never turn your back.
- Carry a satchel if appropriate.
- Carry dog spray.
- If you believe a dog is about to attack, put something between you and the dog.
- Always keep in mind that ALL dogs bite.

Until next time. Stay safe!

What close encounters have you had with a cantankerous canine? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

Our Carriers say "You're not a real Carrier until you've been bit."

Anonymous said...

when I was a young girl, I was riding my bike and there was german shepherd chained to a post who started growling and barking. I pedalled past the house with the dog as fast as I could, but he broke his chain (or post) and caught me and bit me over and over and knocked me off my bike. I grabbed my bike and started hitting him with it and then he whimpered back. He belonged to a dogcatcher I later found out. :>)

Anonymous said...

And don't believe people who say,"he's a nice dog,would never bite anyone"!

Anonymous said...

we had a customer who said her dogs would never bite anyone. If the carrier hadn't had his foot on the screen door the "good" dog would have taken him. Just because they say so doesn't mean they won't.

Anonymous said...

Dogs have a natural protective instinct. If they think you're encroaching on their turfs, they won't like you much. Beware!

Anonymous said...

With many years as a newspaper
carrier, I was bitten only 3
times. Once the dog was hiding
beneath some stairs as I tried to
open a screen porch to toss the
paper. Another time I was
collecting and the dog was old and
had no teeth, but "bit". A third
time it was chasing me and the
bike and bit my achiles tendon. A
final interesting event was that
on foot I was surrounded by wild
dogs. Having read Jack London, I
ran directly at the "lead" dog. They all scattered.