Monday, May 14, 2012

Mail Matters

(The following is Courtesy of Gray Hair Software)

Always remember this. You work in an industry that adds $800 billion to America’s GDP. The postal industry employs 8 million Americans. Mail is the most cost-effective courier system on earth. Postal service is required by the U. S. Constitution.

Mail goes everywhere. Mail goes directly to the recipient. It is delivered for free. You don’t need a computer or internet service to get mail. Mail is secure. Spam filters can’t deflect it. Hackers can’t hack it. Viruses can’t corrupt it. It doesn’t lurk unseen on your hard drive after you trash it. Mail is polite. It doesn’t interrupt you at dinner.

It doesn’t pump up the volume to make sure you’re listening. Mail is not “junk.” Mail is Real. You can feel it, touch it, hold it. Pin it to a corkboard. Magnetize it to your fridge. Senders value it. Recipients value it. People look forward to getting mail. Mail delivers surprises—postcards, gifts, opportunities. Checks arrive in the mail. A day without mail is a lonely day.

Finding something interesting in the mail is a special moment. And you are part of that mail moment. Mail works for everyone. That is the Value of Mail. Brag about it!

Promote it! Defend it! Because mail matters.

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Grannybunny said...

Actually, I believe that the mailing industry contributes over $1 trillion to the American economy.