Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Discounting for Business

Businesses are constantly searching for ways to attract more customers while keeping the ones they have. One way to provide that incentive is by offering discounts on the products and services they offer.

Discounts are offered in almost every line of business. From cable television to a transmission flush, discounts have been attracting customers in search of a good deal for as long as businesses have been advertising to customers. The Postal Service is no exception.

Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Global Express Guaranteed are just a few of the services USPS offers at a discount by purchasing online rather than over the counter. The Internet-based incentive is not only a way to promote the services offered by the Postal Service, it also rewards customers for doing business through a preferred conduit.

Businesses will continue to promote discounts well into the future to grow their operation in a way that’s consistent with their expectations. It’s an approach the Postal Service can’t afford to ignore.

Do you think offering discounts to customers is a good idea for the Postal Service?

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