Thursday, July 19, 2012

In With the Mail, Out With Everything Else

Many things within the Postal Service have changed recently to adjust to fluctuating demands. While these modifications will continue to take place in the foreseeable future, one area of the business that has seen little alteration in the recent past is up for a fresh, new look.

The Postal Service recently announced a modification to the appearance of flat tubs. Soon, we will see widespread use of the new design that includes a telephone number to report tubs as lost or stolen.

The Postal Service anticipates spending approximately $120 million this year to replace mail transport equipment (MTE) that disappears from circulation. During difficult economic times, every dollar counts, and organizations look for whatever way they can reduce unnecessary expenditures. Missing and stolen equipment represents a portion of that unnecessary category, and it’s something that we have the power to control.

The next time you see a flat tub being used as a planter, junk receptacle, or makeshift sledding device, call the number on its side to return it to its true purpose in life. 

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