Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Investing in History II

Yesterday, we went over a possible advantage of stamp collecting over other forms of investing. Today we’ll extend that coverage and go over other reasons why stamp collecting might be an interesting addition to an investment portfolio.

When a first class forever stamp is purchased, the value will not decrease. It can be used to mail a letter from one end of the county to the other for as long as the Postal Service exists. 

Another benefit to stamp collection is the ability to share the miniature works of art with others. The vibrant colors and rich history of stamps can be enjoyed with children, friends and family. They can be traded with other stamp collectors, given as gifts, or kept as family heirlooms. Stamps can be framed and mounted on the wall, inserted into albums for portability, or placed on an envelope and mailed to Aunt Matilda in Maryland for her birthday.

The next time anyone is looking for an opportunity to invest in the future while looking to have a little fun in the process, suggest stamp collecting. It’s an affordable way to own a piece of history, mail an envelope, and perhaps even create a little value in the process. 

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