Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Digital Convergence

There are some who see the separation of mail and e-mail as a mutually exclusive relationship. For one company, however, the two form a symbiotic relationship ripe with profit potential.

Besides standard mail services, PostNord, the mailing company of Denmark and Sweden, offers its customers the opportunity to choose what form they want to receive and send their mail. They currently offer e-mail solutions that encourage customers to send in their texts, offers, images, and other documents. The information is then printed and sent out as mail or collected and e-mailed—both if the customer desires. They also offer scanning solutions to companies that want to convert their business documents to electronic form.

PostNord continues to promote its core purpose of sending letters and packages to 25 million residents in the Nordic region. Their expanded e-services will help augment and satisfy the electronic needs of its customer base. It’s a strategy designed to keep the organization fresh and relevant to the changing needs of the Nordic population.

Do you think the Postal Service should offer scanning solutions to its customers?

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