Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All the President's Letters - Plus, 'Al' is back!

 Eli Saslow and his new book, "Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President".

The April edition of Your Postal Podcast  kicks off with stories behind the letters sent by ten Americans to the President of the United States - and his mailed replies.
You'll also hear a continuation of our recent visit with the actor who plays "Al the Letter Carrier" in the popular USPS commercials.
Both the audio and a transcript version of this and previous shows are available now at

Have you ever received a letter from the President? Click here.


Anonymous said...

No, I have not gotten a letter from a president. But I still have the letter - 48 years later - that my parents received from a Senator, congratulating them on my birth!

Grannybunny said...

I have never received a handwritten letter from a President, but I do get Christmas cards from the Obamas. When I was a child, in Michigan, my Mother used to get Christmas cards from then-Governor G. Mennen Williams and -- later -- from Vice-President Richard Nixon.

Anonymous said...

I wrote Nixon when I was in the fifth grade. I received a very nice response, which included an 8X10 photo of him. I still have it. My pleasure in receiving it was less than it ought to have been, however, by the way I found out--My mother opened it, brought it to school, and used it to GIVE A SHOW AND TELL TO MY ENTIRE CLASS. I only found out about it when everyone else did. Other presidents have not replied to letters I wrote them.