Friday, April 13, 2012

Card Sharp

Here's a high-flying innovation in direct mail. The plastic cards with snap-out promotional gift cards meld variable data printing personalization, high-resolution graphics, wet-look aesthetics and real-time analytics technology.

Laminated breakout gifts cards are taking the traditional postcard to the next level. Besides razzle-dazzle looks, the core of DynamiCard's appeal is the card's bar coded analytics. When the client scans a gift card returned for use they scan them and it gives a demographic of what areas used the promotional cards.

Results have been promising. For instance, the average restaurant client using DynamiCard mailers is seeing a 12 percent response rate. First-Class

DynamiCard founder and CEO Ivan Farber believes the laminated cards have a key advantage over online deal-of-day sites, coupon books and traditional paper postcards because higher-end customers are usually a little self-conscious about using a printed paper coupon.

What do you think? Would you be more likely to use this than a paper coupon? Comment here.


maillady1955 said...

As a mail carrier, I see a couple of drawbacks to the breakout cards. Because the postal service now runs everything through machines, these cards are very susceptible to damage. I have seen other breakout cards come through the DPS (delivery point sequence) mail that has been run through machines with the coupon missing. If there were a gift card breakout, that's a lot of money to be lost by the mailer and the potential recipient would NOT be happy, either.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if it is a laminated "Break-Out" Card or a coupon out of Sunday's Paper. If it will save me a little money I will use it!!! JUST KEEP THE COUPONS COMING!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would you this postcard mailed to me. I do not like to print coupons off the website because many times they ask for your email address (or it links it to yours when you print) and then you keep getting their emails promos every day which fill out my inbox. Plus, the marketing of such a nice card is really smart--much classier, especially for higher end customers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these would be appreciated and used more by customers than a paper coupon, but, like the first poster stated, there are logistical problems to be overcome with the snap-out cards as far as the mail processing is concerned. I, too, have had issues with similar mailings where the perforations break when we put them into the PO boxes because they were just a bit too tall. Figure out a solution to these problems and you'll have a winner!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I don't use paper coupons often because it takes too long to go through the paper to find the ones I want and then cut them out, arrange them, keep track of expiration dates, etc. Plus I tend to lose them or or forget about them. I could put the plastic ones in a credit card slot and I'd notice it everytime I open my billfold.

Anonymous said...

I want to know about recycling these cards. No where on the card or at the DynamlCard site does it say if the card can be recycled. I am bothered by all of these plastic cards proliferating and ending up in landfill sites. In this day of heightened awareness of recycling/green use/etc you would think a company would be concerned about the impact of more "junk" in our landfill sites. Not only do you have the pop out card but the rest of the "postcard" is left to dispose of by the consumer.

Anyone else concerned with this issue??

Chad said...

I can see those getting stuck in the machine or breaking off before delivery. It's a nice concept, but how practical is it, really?

Hank Hendricks said...

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