Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Safety and Security

New Postal Police Officers completed a rigorous 8-week physical and academic training period at the law enforcement academy at the CDU. All members of the most recent graduating class have officially reported for duty at facilities across the country.

"These new officers exhibited an outstanding work ethic during their rigorous training at the academy,” said Patrick Corcoran, Inspector in ChargeU.S. Postal Inspection Service. “Their addition to our ranks will help strengthen safety and security at many postal facilities.”

Postal Police Officers are members of the Postal Inspection Service and provide a visible deterrent at facilities. They are responsible for the safety of postal customers, employees and facilities and respond to emergencies, including disturbances, assaults, theft and robberies. They also make arrests for crimes committed against USPS.
From left, Postal Police Cadet Louis Mood practices
applying handcuffs as Washington Division Postal
Inspector/Instructor Arnold Smith watches.USPS 
recently added 19 new Postal Police Officers to its ranks 
after a graduation ceremony held at the Postal Inspection 
Service Career Development Unit (CDU) in PotomacMD
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Anonymous said...

USPS Inspection Service should allow waivers on maximum age (37?) to permit military retirees with prior investigative experience with AFOSI, NCIS, CID,etc to utilize their skills/expertise as Postal Inspectors without requiring them to complete 20 yrs service by age 55. I had 8 yrs in AFOSI, advanced degrees including an MBA, linguistic skills as graduate of Defense Language Institute, etc BUT was too "old" (42)
to become a Postal Inspector despite the fact that I was more experienced/skilled/qualified than most Postal Inspectors.