Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Perfect Opportunity

Companies have been sending catalogs in one form or another to eager purchasers for as long the Postal Service has been delivering mail. Catalogs give people a chance to peruse merchandise at their convenience wherever they want. One of these catalogs from Beyond the Perf allows collectors to view some of the latest stamp releases as well as a few unexpected surprises.

The current edition of the catalog, called USA Philatelic, displays currently available stamp designs from recent years along with related merchandise such as commemorative folios, stamped cards and envelopes, notecards, stamp yearbooks, and stamp collection binders. Some of this merchandise is also available on the website. What isn’t on the website is something that has a little more sparkle.

Nestled within the centerfold of the catalog is an opportunity to buy a precious metal version of three different stamp themes. The United We Stand, The Lunar New Year, and The American Presidents collections consist of multiple collectable silver ingot stamps layered in 24-karat gold. They can be purchased on a subscription-based system, automatically sending you a new one each month until you’ve received the entire collection. There is also a Remember Our Heroes pure gold stamp ingot that is 1.70mm thick made of pure Swiss gold that can easily catch a collector’s eye.

You can sign up to receive future editions of the catalog as they become available at

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