Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday in a box

Plummer, ID, Postmaster Cheri Thaut was inspired by a column she read about remembering deployed troops on their birthday. She purchased materials from a local dollar store and placed them in a large Flat-Rate Priority Box with the words, “Happy Birthday.”

She was able to fit into the box a pound cake (shelf life of two months), a table cloth, noise makers, plates, silverware, napkins, frosting, balloons, bows and candles, complete with instructions. Her customers soon adopted the idea.

“Can you imagine being far away from home on your birthday and getting one of these boxes?” said Thaut.

The idea has been expanded by the Spokane District to include Thanksgiving in a box, Christmas in a box and a host of other creative ideas for customers."

“It’s a great way to tell someone they are loved,” said Customer Relations Coordinator Lisa Nystuen.


Anonymous said...

As the daughter of a service member who gave his life in service to his country and the sister of soldiers I applaud this initiative. If Postmaster Thaut wouldn't mind; I'd like to adopt this idea in my office.

Anonymous said...

Another great idea! We have an SDO on active duty, I will pass this idea around to see if something can be sent to him.