Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A simpler way to ship

Priority Mail is getting an advertising makeover. The new campaign will be all over the television airwaves
for the next couple of months.
Click here to see the advertisements
The campaign will also appear in print magazines and newspapers, as well as online ads and Direct Mail.

It’s one of our biggest marketing splashes in a long time.
What do you think about advertising Priority Mail? Important? Do more of it? Do less of it because of our finances? What are your thoughts? Click here.
A scene from one of the Priority Mail advertisements
scheduled for national distribution beginning this week.


Merk said...

As any business student has learned, when times are tough that is NOT the time to stop or decrease advertising. So I think the new ads are much needed to get our services out to the public. I've viewed the ads and think they're great.

Anonymous said...

advertising is fine, but a T-shirt for every craft employee is a waste of money, which we appear to have a lack of.

Anonymous said...

I have just viewed the priority mail commercials and think they are Great! We need to advertise our products to generate business.

Anonymous said...

Personally Love the idea of advertising for the Post office.
In every means possible.
Business cards
Window decals etc.
Hudson Station
RR 17