Friday, May 15, 2009

Carrier delivers -- saves life of former CO Congressman

Benny loves these kinds of stories! Postal people making us proud.

Here's the story: Loveland, CO, City Carrier Greg Sykes was enjoying a Friday night meal off-duty at a local restaurant recently when he made the special delivery of his postal career.

Sitting at a nearby table was retired 4th District U.S. Rep. Jim Johnson and his family. Suddenly, Congressman Johnson keeled over and became unconscious while experiencing a major heart attack. While most of the patrons of the restaurant looked on in surprise and in shock, Sykes calmly and immediately went to the Congressman's aid.

For the next 20 minutes, Sykes diligently and persistently performed CPR on Johnson. He wasn't going to give up. Sykes provided critical life-saving support until an emergency response medical team arrived on the scene. Paramedics then provided emergency care and transported Congressman Johnson to a nearby hospital for extensive follow up intensive care and heart surgery.

Congressman Johnson is now in full recovery and rehab.

The emergency medical response team, and the Johnson family, give complete credit to Greg Sykes for saving Jim Johnson's life. The family has expressed their major gratitude to Sykes by sending a letter of appreciation to postal management and planning to recognize him in a future get-together. Sykes' Loveland postal management has submitted him to be considered for a PMG Hero Letter.

Said the humble Sykes on his life-saving act, "I saw a situation that I could help with and I did what I knew had to be done to give Jim Johnson a chance to survive."

Acting Loveland Valentine Station Mgr. of Customer Services Jim Dunlap had some great things to say as well.

"The Johnson family has embraced Greg in their tremendous appreciation for his extra special heroic actions," said Dunlap. "He is very deserving of any recognition. Greg is just the kind of person who would jump in anywhere and anytime to do what he could to help in just about any situation."

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Anonymous said...

Postal workers are the BEST!!! I really admire what you did for this gentleman, Greg. Your determination paid off and saved a life!! Quite a dividend!! Thanks for representing us so valiantly!!