Monday, May 11, 2009

Price change reflections

So, do I need a two-cent stamp with this Forever Stamp?"
"How much are ten, one-cent stamps?"
"Didn't prices just go up?"
"Did you get a raise?"
"How long are these Forever Stamps good for?"

There were many, many questions yesterday and today. They will probably continue all week. Price changes are never easy, but hopefully this year the Forever Stamp helped a little.

What will you remember about this week? Got any funny stories? Send me a comment here.
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Anonymous said...

"I wrote the check on Saturday but just couldn't get to the post office so I should still be able to get the cheaper Forever stamps, right?"

Anonymous said...

This week the mail is very light making the problems with the economy all too real and scary. The leave books are open and management is looking for takers.