Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No road, no problem for rural carrier, customer

When rising flood waters washed out roads near Jamestown, ND, at least one farm family crafted a creative solution to keep their mail delivery.

The Van Dyke family hooked a temporary mailbox on the end of a long grain auger. They backed the auger up to one edge of the washout, so that Jamestown Rural Carrier Doug Beckman could continue to deliver from the other edge. After Beckman’s visit, they would tow the auger away, empty the box and set it back in place.

The road leading to the Van Dyke family’s
mailbox was washed out. No problem for the innovative farmers.
They simply brought the mailbox to the carrier.

Benny loves innovation.

What interesting measures have you seen customers take to get their mail? Drop me a note here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was a rural carrier in Westminster Maryland. One customer after a heavy snow had his mailbox taken out by a snow plow. The customer put a large cardboard box on top of the snow and wrote deposit mail here. Worked out fine.

Anonymous said...

This photo makes a statement to the importances of "mail," and what steps people will take to receive their mail!!

Anonymous said...

These people wanted their mail!!