Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer sale is a go

The USPS board of governors has given the go ahead for a "summer sale," allowing a reduction of Standard Mail rates for both letter and flat rates.

The sale runs from July 1 to Sept 30 of this year and will offer a a 30 percent rebate to eligible mailers who mail above certain volumes.

The governors said, "The Standard Mail Volume Incentive Pricing program offers an incentive to mailers to improve above their expected performance during the summer months, which is typically a low-volume period for the Postal Service and its customers.”

Full details of the sale can be found here. Deputy PMG and Chief Operating Officer Pat Donahoe has a video where he talks about the sale here.

Many of you already commented when this was first proposed. Now that it's a reality, what do you think? Will this help us out? Will it spur more volume? And even more importantly, bring in more long-term revenue? Leave a comment here.

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