Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Healthy Concern

There’s a growing concern about the costs of health care these days, and with good reason. In the 1960’s, the cost was $27 billion, or 5.13 percent of our gross domestic product (total goods and services produced within a country). That amounts to $147 per person in the United States. In 2010, health care costs were $2.6 trillion, or 17.86 percent of GDP. That amounts to $8,402 per person living in the United States. It’s a hefty expense that hasn’t gone unnoticed by health insurance organizations.

Health care costs, as well as premiums for health insurers, are persistently on the rise.  While there isn’t a single factor influencing these growing costs, several causes that could play a role in it include increasing life spans, rising obesity and chronic conditions, and increasing use of expensive, high-tech equipment and procedures.

Skyrocketing health care costs are also forcing major corporations to contemplate substantial changes to the way services are offered to their employees. The Postal Service is no exception. The possibility of saving up to $7 billion per year by sponsoring its own health care program is tempting enough for the organization to consider withdrawing from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The proposed program is part of the Postal Service’s Plan to Profitability and is one of many options under consideration for improving its financial condition.

What do you think of the health care proposal? Comment here.


Anonymous said...

Leave our health care alone. The way the postal service is closing offices and plants, I would not feel comfortable knowing they were in charge of my health care.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the Post Offices poor choices. Let me ran the business into the ground. You failed make changes and just let things go until there was no other choice. You promote not solely based on merit but rather by whom your buddy is.

Chance favors the prepared mind and the Post Office just sat there and watched things unravel. Now you want to handle our Health Benefits...sounds like a great idea to me.

Anonymous said...

I would be horrified if the Postal Service were in charge of our health benefits.
We all know what a bang-up job they have done running the Postal Service.
Management, Supervisors, no business skills or people skills whatsoever. These jobs are awarded to friends or relatives.
These jobs are not awarded on merit at all. When they are caught doing wrong, they are not fired, they are just transferred to another office.
It is shameful what is happening to the United States Postal Service.

Anonymous said...

I just wish healthcare didn't cost so much. I'd like to see the balance sheets at some of these healthcare companies and see what their profits are. I bet they look just like the ones at the oil companies. Too much at our expense.